Electroteks is a pioneer in providing communication solutions for corporate and individual customers. Satellite television broadcasting, voice and data communication are its main service areas. At our multi-disciplinary research and development laboratory, today we create most of our essential equipment in-house.


Electroteks is the creation of a single man, B. A. C. Abeywardana, or Abey, the founder and CEO. He started his career as a Telecommunications Engineer at Sri Lanka Telecom, upon graduation from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, specializing in Electrical Engineering. Within few years he rose to the rank of Chief Engineer. Abey subsequently created his own entrepreneurial space to give flight to his innovative skills and visionary dreams. His extensive knowledge and skills steered the company into the leading edge of technology with a degree of unparalleled confidence for a country like Sri Lanka.

Incorporated in 1983, Electroteks started out with the design and manufacturing of 1+1 local loop multiplexing units and signaling conversion equipment, with over 15,000 units installed island-wide by 1997. Commencing design and manufacture of TDM Telex multiplexers in 1986, the company acquired a contract to supply and commission the Telex Multiplex Systems to Sri Lanka Telecom. Electroteks was selected for this contract from a worldwide tender, competing with Siemens, Alcatel and NEC. Even to date about 80% of Sri Lanka's Telex system runs on Electroteks telex backbone equipment. Similar equipment was supplied to Bangladesh Telephone & Telegraph Board, again competing with the above giant international players and many more.

Pioneering radio data link based automation of banking in 1988, Electroteks followed their dream of an automated banking network by initially linking three branches of Sampath Bank via radio links, as a pilot project. The success of the project initiated a process of banking automation via ATMs & Teller terminals - one of the first in South Asia. In 1990 Electroteks was recommended by a World Bank consulting committee to carry out a similar installation for Bank of Ceylon, the largest banking network in Sri Lanka.

Electroteks excellently demonstrates Abey’s vision on gaining the maximum of modern technology with minimal human intervention. The small, but dedicated, team at Electroteks, is well versed in his philosophy and techniques to support a global operation.


Today Electroteks, with operations in USA, UK and India, is one of the largest telecom infrastructures, pioneering many telecommunication developments in Sri Lanka for nearly over decades. Today we serve our customers with voice, data and video communication solutions, including satellite television, high speed Internet and international direct dialing facilities. Electroteks has also entered the area of communication based research and development, leading to completed products such as routers, PABX, firewalls etc.

Today it has large capacity to carry voice, Internet and video in and out of Sri Lanka, linking Asia to Europe. The network is designed with state of the art equipment using the convergence of technologies.


The vision of many a possible scenario of future society arises in minds that are well tuned to the innovations of modern technology. We strive to build the most effective solution to turn such visions into reality. We are always in the lead, always ahead of the industry, pioneering into uncharted territories with verve and confidence, simply encouraged by scores of success in the past.

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