banking at the touch of a button

WildFire Telebanking system is versatile, powerful and affordable, yet easy to deploy and manage. The system is fully compliant with the standard ISO 8583:1987 Message Communication Protocol and hence can be easily integrated with the existing banking systems. Further, it also has the provisions for SMS banking functions. XML based servers and listeners extend the functionality and usability of the system beyond the features provided by the standard ISO communication protocols.

packet or time based data traffic management & billing solution

ELECTROTEKS Data Traffic Manager TM 500D is a reliable and scalable data traffic billing solution catering authentication to accounting services with high availability. This flexible and versatile billing solution can support a variety of payment methods and services required by ISP’s and other agents distributing broadband network services. This enables to exercise absolute control over every aspect of billing and precious bandwidth. It supports wired and wireless customers, packet or time based billing, download limits, prepaid and postpaid facilities.
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